Barbara, Nick, and Zu are fueled by the power of family love and partnership. A State of Nature thrives under the guidance of two sisters and a happily married couple!

We are proud to collaborate with Chloe, Sharon, and Tilly, artisans known for their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to crafting top-notch products.

Here at A State of Nature we enjoy working with other artist. Collaborating with Mark Hearld brings a playful element to our products.


Mark Hearld

Our little set of workshops in Hackney, London are a hive of activity.  It's where we design, pattern cut, prototype, and test all our products. Barbara and Zu work from the fabric room, turning rolls of premium British cloth, into beautiful unisex clothing.  Nick works from the leather and paper room, creating hand stamped swing tags with gold foil lettering to be hung from the neck label before each item is packed and shipped.      

Every jacket, wallet and mug is treated with the same care and attention. This way we can ensure each item bearing the State of Nature label is made to the highest possible standard.

Our Ethos

We want A State of Nature products to be ethically produced, that means knowing where our materials come from and their environmental impact. We want to show our customers that beautifully made products can come from small workshops, or even people’s homes. 

And finally, we want to make products that stand the test of time, products of quality that outlasts the continual cycles of fast fashion’. A State of Nature is the company we created to solve these problems; we design and make outerwear, accessories and ceramics.

We work with skilled hands.

Most of A State of Nature products are made by us in our Hackey Central Workshop. However we do carry a range of items such us silk scarves or wool blankets which are designed by us or artists we collaborate with but made by other skilled hands in the UK.

Did you know that...?

Natural Materials

Did you know that we only use 100% natural textiles and leathers such us wool, cotton, silk, linen and veg tan leathers. Our supply chain is focused on UK mills and manufacturers.

Plant-based Oils

Did you know that our waxed items are impregnated with a blend of natural plant-based oils and waxes. Our sustainable reproofing products are available in a tin the size of a shoe polish.